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Other Enrichment Opportunities


Some students are eager for additional opportunities to learn more about robotics and related fields outside of the normal school year.  To facilitate this, WHEAT Foundation has compiled this list of other enrichment opportunites in the NJ area.  Please note that WHEAT has no commercial relationship with any of these organizations, and does not endorse any particular opportunity.

Robotics Training and Classes


  • Storming Robots (Branchburg, NJ)-  activities, classes and camps for students from 4th through 12th grades

  • Robot Revolution (Summit NJ)  - activities, classes and camps for student from 3rd through 12th grades

Summer Programs


  • College of NJ summer robotics camp - Just what it sounds like; a summer camp for robotics

  • Rutgers summer scholars program - This program may not have anything specific to robotics but has a wide array of programs to choose from; lots of good stuff. 

  • ID Tech - This programs runs a series of tech-related classes at various colleges in the area (Princeton, Montclair State, Farleigh Dickinson); 

  • Center for Talented Youth  - This program has nothing specific for robotics, but does have a lot of other interesting science and math related classes for students up through age 16.

  • NJ Governor's Schools - NJ runs two different summer programs, one for science and one for engineering and technology. Students must compete for a spot in these competitive programs.

  • HEROES Academy for the Gifted (New Bruswick, NJ) - an intellectually stimulating environment where students’ personal growth is maximized by accelerated learning and critical thinking.  Classes are offered both on weekdays and weekends throughout the school year and during the summer. Subjects offered are in science, engineering and robotics, computer science, math, and language arts. 

For Younger Students


Have a suggestion?


If you know of any other good programs that you think we should add here, please drop us a line at

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